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With your mission dedicated to the formation of joyful, intentional followers of Jesus Christ, a partnership with Corporate Travel will allow you to continue focusing on this mission by dedicating the time and resources necessary to manage your pilgrimage. Leverage our 30 years of relationships in various countries throughout the world and take advantage of our full-service reservation team to assist your pilgrims in their registration and preparation process.

The most important aspect I wish to articulate, is that the pilgrimage is YOURS! We merely work behind the scenes to reduce administrative responsibilities. You have the flexibility both in preparation and while on the ground to control the pace and structure of the pilgrimage. For example, should you and your pilgrims wish to spend additional time at a site in order to pray a rosary, we strongly encourage and support it!

It is our goal to build a long-term partnership, based on mutual trust and respect. In order to accomplish this, we intend to operate with complete transparency and proper expectation-setting.

Corporate Travel Service (CTS), Inc. is a family-owned business of more than 70 professionals founded in 1965. The company organizes Catholic pilgrimages, full cruise ship music charters, educational tours, corporate events, music festivals on iconic stages worldwide, and cultural cruises throughout the world. Representative clients include Fortune 500 companies, school districts, archdioceses, dioceses, parishes, universities, and media outlets throughout the United States. In 2018, over 36,000 people traveled worldwide successfully with Corporate Travel Service.


Representative clients currently include the Papal Foundation, Legatus, Ave Maria University, Ave Marie Radio, Catholic apologist & writer Steve K. Ray, Catholic radio and media personality Teresa Tomeo, the Order of Malta, Catholic Charities USA, the Vatican Patrons of the Arts, the Sistine Chapel Choir and the Archdioceses of Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami and Seattle. In 2017, CTS organized a highly successful United States tour (first in over 30 years) for the Sistine Chapel Choir, the oldest choir in the world and the Pope’s Choir.

Mission statement

Our mission is to enhance lives and promote culture by creating customized travel experiences that open the world to our clients. We have a tradition of exemplary service, we are governed by integrity, and we value innovation.

Core values

  1. Selfless, Sacrificial Service
  2. Creativity and Innovation
  3. Relationships Built on Trust
  4. The Truth Matters